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Welcome to #BEER! A delicious new collaboration between the pixel-brained folks at Engage and the hop-loving brewers at Revolutions.

There's a lot of love for beer here at Engage, so the idea to brew our very own (unsurprisingly devised down the pub) was met with unanimous agreement and the odd cheer. After a few mind showers, some pretty intense blue sky thinking and plenty of research, the hops were chosen, grains were mashed and the yeast was added. A couple of months later, #BEER was born!

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You can get your hands on a bottle (or two) at various bars and pubs around Leeds with all proceeds going to the fantastic folks at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance - so get moving and put a #BEER in your mouth hole!

Tee-total? Why not just make a small donation via the link below anyway and get a nice warm fuzzy feeling :D

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Get involved 1 × share = £1

We love social! Tap out a tweet or snap an Instagram with the tag #engagebeer and we’ll donate a further £1 to the YAA! It’s that easy, so go nuts! *

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Quench your thirst


Have you ever wanted to eat horse on purpose? RARE is your kind of place! For a limited time they are stocking our soon to be extinct #BEER, get it while PETA still give a damn!

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MOJO is the best rock 'n' roll cocktail bar in the world! With our beer in the fridge, it’s just got even better, so grab your friend and get yourself down for a few - it’s going to be loud!

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The Pit

They do things differently underground at The Pit, even the Ping Pong. A place of great music, amazing food and most importantly, fantastic beer!

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The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe has been serving up great drinks, great food and great music since 1999, just before all the computers broke. It's also our local.

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No.26 Aire St.

A bar in an art gallery? Whatever will they think of next… How about #BEER, in a bar, in an art gallery! Totes amazeballs! Go get some culture (then a drink).

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Cafe 164

Sandwiches and cake fuel most of the Engage office, so it's perfect that Cafe 164 is only 3 floors away! Go grab some #BEER and a marble slab.

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Fancy a couple of free #BEERs?

Free* beer!

Make your way to our office on the top floor of Munro House and we’ll hand over 2 #BEERs for absolutely nothing!*

*Well, almost nothing. Legally, we're not allowed to sell the beer ourselves, so all we're asking for in exchange is a small donation of around £5 or more to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance — you can’t say fairer than that!

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