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A familiar sight on many of the UK’s high streets, Bella Italia is one of our oldest, and favourite clients (can we say that? – oh well!)

With revitalised restaurant interiors, a broader menu and the development of external dining areas, Bella Italia has been repositioned as the UK’s premier all-day Italian caffé. With 90 restaurants across the country, including sites in Center Parcs and recent openings in Uxbridge and Edinburgh, it’s a brand that’s going from strength to strength and one who’s placing digital high on the agenda.


A few facts

  • Bella Italia used to be called Bella Pasta, but was re-branded in 2002 to reflect the broader menu which also contains pizza, risotto and secondi dishes
  • The most popular dish at Bella is the (perhaps slightly unadventurous!) Margherita pizza
  • Bella Italia is one of the few Italian restaurants to serve gluten free pizza and pasta – they even have a dedicated ‘gluten-free’ menu to make it easy for customers to choose!
  • Calzone pizzas are named after a style of baggy trousers worn by men in 18th century Naples, and were likely the inspiration for the legend that is MC Hammer!

Don’t just take our word for it all…

“Bella Italia is a family-friendly, down to earth brand and it was important to have those values reflected in the website and email communications. The creative direction that Engage took the brand in was inspired and successfully managed to translate the Bella personality online. The website and email engagement rates have significantly increased as a result”

Natalia Selby Digital Content Manager

James and the Giant Peach

Everyone loves a good drawing competition, but kids these days expect a little more than a few crayons and a worksheet - it’s got to be digital! We designed & built a (very fancy) online drawing tool allowing kids to create their very own giant peach house.

Horrible Histories

One of the most popular campaigns to date was in conjunction with Horrible Histories and involved kids (with adult supervision!) being invited to design their very own crown in store for the chance to win a holiday.

Bella Kids

Bella are known for being big on personality and fun for all the family. We designed a dedicated kids page with menus, activities and their brand new 'Hall of Frame' competition. (With a little help from Gina, Mini, Angela and Lorenzo, the Bella mascots).

Everything, right in the palm of your hand

An award winning mobile site

  • Our bespoke mobile site is lightening fast to load and allows visitors to find their nearest restaurant, browse the menus and even book a table right from the palm of their hand.
  • Mobile traffic is currently experiencing a huge 80% increase year on year and now makes up nearly 30% of total site visits.
  • It works on all mobile devices, so whether visiting on a shiny iPhone 5 (lucky you!) or still rocking a text-only Blackberry, no-one’s left behind.
Bella Italia iOS icon

Why not head to bellaitalia.co.uk on your phone to see it all in action.

Bella over the years

Having worked with the brand for nearly a decade (hey, we must be doing something right!) it’s inevitable that they’re going to want a fresh new look from time to time. Drag the slider below to see how things have changed over the years.

Fully content managed

Content is controlled using our simple to use, bespoke CMS. We then style that content up on the front-end site to make it look all delicious!

Fully integrated with Facebook

We know asking people to leave the comfort of their Facebook feed and Farmville crops can be a big ask, so we brought key functionality of the main website to them instead, creating a range of fan page applications to allow their fans to book a table, sign-up to their database and more. We also assist with ideas generation, visualisation and build of various one-off campaigns throughout the year.

A closer look

They say the devil is in the detail which is why we like to polish every last pixel to ensure our sites look that extra little bit special. Here are few bits we thought worthy of closer inspection.

It’s all in the detail y’know

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