Adam Buchanan

Senior Designer

From the Commodore Amiga’s Deluxe Paint to the cutting-edge Windows 98 toolkit - Paint Shop Pro, Adam’s earlier years were spent resculpting the world around him digitally. Although being advised to take a more traditional route in the arts, his rebellious nature left him carving a career out of digital design, much to the disapproval of his educators.

Having already left a mark on the likes of Disney, Cancer Research, Childline, and the BBC, Adam has brought along a wide range of skills and quirks to Engage’s prominent design team. With an eye for animation, a desire to be pixel perfect and the utmost precision with the pen tool, it's no wonder plenty of his collaborative efforts have won awards and been seen on TV.

Outside of his workplace comforts, he’ll often return to his roots in dated technology to feed an unhealthy obsession with video games of yesteryear. Needless to say, he never switches off…

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