Shree Vaidya

Head of SEO

Shree's love of digital started when he was 14, building websites back when tables and Flash (R.I.P.) were all the rage. After university, he found his place within digital marketing earning experience across many sectors ranging from cosmetic surgery and education to friendly mutuals and online retailers.

Joining Engage in 2015, Shree heads up the SEO department looking at everything from architecture reviews to earned media strategies as well as working closely with the paid search team to improve their search engine marketing as a whole.

You can often find Shree telling people he's in a band as well as bouldering from time to time. A rising star on Track & Field, Shree is set to take the (arcade gaming) athletics world by storm, challenging long standing front-runners for their world records.

Oh and did you know he's in a band?

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