Un nuevo sitio para Cantina Laredo!

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28 Sep 2016

Un nuevo sitio para Cantina Laredo!

Cantina Laredo offer a ‘sophisticated approach to traditional Mexican cuisine’, at their Covent Garden restaurant, not to mention over 30 varieties of the finest Blue Agave tequila (which we *may* have sampled when we went down for the kick-off meeting!). They’ve got big plans for the future, so enlisted our help to build a site to reflect their values and also support them as they grow.

A close-knit family run business, Cantina Laredo have built themselves a reputation for their authenticity and quality, both of which we worked hard to reflect with this site, stripping back any unnecessary noise to reveal the true essence of their offering, the incredible food.

So what's new? Well, pretty much everything! We've built a comprehensive reservations section, which handles everything from group bookings to ‘tequila dinners’. We also paid particular attention to the menus, ensuring visitors on any screen size were presented with the same experience. And as always, the site is built using the latest and greatest web technologies, with particular emphasis on speed and optimisation for those on the go.

Why not check out the site for yourself here, and be sure to pop in for a or two next time you’re in Covent Garden.

Adiós for now!


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