Announcing the Engage Elympics

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Today has been a while in the planning, but we’re excited to finally share all the details of a brand new project we’ve been busy concocting here at HQ - The Engage Elympics!

So what is it?

Elympics is a year long challenge, devised not only to make us the healthiest agency on the block but to also raise over £8,000 for 4 fantastic local Leeds charities.

How did the idea come about?

Although working in digital is undeniably a fantastic way to spend your week - it’s certainly not the most active, with people regularly spending 6+ hours a day sat at their desks. At the same time there’s a whole load of science documenting the physiological and psychological benefits of an active lifestyle - from improved performance at work through to a better night's sleep and increased confidence. Plus let’s not forgot those all important digits on your scales!

All this got us thinking about how, as a company, we could encourage an increased level of activity in everyone’s lives but in a more creative and rewarding way than simply handing out gym memberships to the keen few. It wasn’t long before we had the early shapings of an idea to convert these hard earned miles into money, but rather than put that money in people’s own pockets we’d instead look to donate the funds to a number of small, worthy local causes where the donations would make a notable and measurable difference.

How does it work?

For every mile that people run, swim, hike, cycle or row - the company will donate to the fund at the following rates:

All the money raised will then be equally distributed between our chosen charities every quarter.

All activities are tracked using Strava (so no cheating!) and then using their API we grab all the data and plug it into our fancy little microsite, doing a bit of maths along the way to calculate a whole number of interesting statistics and eventually generating our monthly Elympics leaderboard - thus creating a bit of healthy (ahem!) competition for those who want to push for glory each month.

How much are you aiming to raise?

Over the 12 months from March 2016 until Feb 2017 we’re hoping to raise £8,000 for our chosen charities - that's the equivalent of cycling 40,000 miles or nearly twice around the Earth!!

How do you keep everyone 'engaged'?

Aside from the obvious gains of getting healthier and helping good causes we also sweeten the deal by putting everyone who raises over £30 each month (equivalent to 150 miles of cycling or 37.5 miles of running) in a random draw to win an extra days holiday!

Who are you supporting?

We’re going to be supporting the following 4 organisations over the 12 months period, with funds raised being equally distributed each quarter.


CATCH operate The Hub - a community space based in Harehills, setup in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council. The Hub accommodates services during the day which include Women's Groups, ESOL Classes, Advocacy Services, NHS Services, Baby Clinics, Play & Stay Sessions, One to One Parent Advice, West Yorkshire Police Advice Sessions and Computer Classes. Find out more.


ToastLoveCoffee is a pop up community café; creating a space where boundaries between different communities will disappear over good coffee, good food and good conversations. Find out more.

Lineham Farm

Lineham Farm is charity that gives disadvantaged, disabled and local school children a break in the Leeds countryside.

You name it, Lineham offer it - from their high-ropes course and night walks, to orienteering and mini beast discovery, mountain biking and heart start - Lineham's very own first aid course. Regardless of they choose to spend their days, you can rest assured that all children leave the farm thoroughly content, happy and maybe just a little tired! Find out more.

Open Country

Open country is a Harrogate-based charity that seeks to enable anyone with any disability to access the countryside. They achieve this through a variety of countryside activities and the provision of information, training and advice. Find out more.

Can I make a donation?

Of course you can, you little beauty! :D

All 3rd party donations will be kept in a separate online fund which will then be distributed equally across the 4 organisations at the end of the 12 months. These donations will be in addition to the £8,000 we're aiming to raise and donate as a company.

Make an online donation here.

Ready to take a look?

Then simply head over to (see what we did there?)

We really hope you’ll support us on our (often sweaty!) journey as we keep our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updated with progress towards our £8,000 goal.