Britons logging on more than ever

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14 Aug 2008

Whilst having a quick browse through the BBC website, I came across this article highlighting the finds of the latest Ofcom report into the country's online spend, both in time and money. The report found that Britons are spending more time using the internet and other communications services that ever before, but paying less for them. This is great news for the industry as it basically means people are logged on for longer - and if they're logged on, you can market to them.

According to the report, the real surge came in the use of mobile broadband after a big marketing push by mobile phone companies - "Between February and June this year, monthly sales of these devices, which give internet access to laptop users, rose from 69,000 to 133,000 a month." The hype definitely worked, as we even popped out to grab one of these 'dongles' the other week and it's been working great ever since (Until we can utilise our iPhone 3g connection through a laptop for free of course)

All this comes at a time when the terms 'credit crunch' is being whispered like a swear word on ever street corner and stories of bankruptcy and redundancy are littering the news. Luckily, digital looks to be the last stand against the crunch should it continue to worsen. It's still recognised as the cheapest form of advertising, and based on the stats above is obviously becoming more and more accessible by the day. Long live the Internet say we!

For a bit more light reading, we also found this article quite insightful on the subject of marketing your way through a recession.


Alex is co-founder of Engage. With an awarded background in design and development he now concentrates the majority of his time on moulding the future picture of Engage's development, paying particular attention to the intricate balance of culture, growth and doughnut consumption.

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