Engage Bake Off 3.0

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30 Sep 2016

Engage Bake Off 3.0

Here at Engage, we love any excuse for food, and lots of it. Combine this with some keen bakers (some more secretive about this than others!) and a hungry office, a bake off seemed like a highly appropriate choice. That’s right, Thursday 29th September became what will go down in history as the Great Engage Bake-Off 3.0. And it was arguably better than ever.

We were joined by Anna and Anita from Toast Love Coffee, one of the wonderful charities we’re supporting in the Elympics.

They were our very own Mary and Paul, and for a minute there we nearly forgot about the chaos going on IRL with The Great British Bake Off. But let’s not bring that upsetting topic up again. *cries*

Each person was assigned a category, to ensure we had a wide selection of food to feast on. These were:

Safe to say there was a fair few categories, all of which highlighted the impressive culinary skills of the office.

Although the bake off was predominantly sweet, we had 4 strong entries for this traditional category. A hearty Beef Chilli + Cheese Pastry, Stilton Quiche, Carrot & Walnut Bread and Savoury Biscuits did their category proud and prepared us all for the sweetness that was to follow. And trust me, there was lots of sweetness to come.

For the puds, we had a delicious assortment of Apple and Blackberry Pie, Pistachio Pastries, Cakes, Tart, Fruit Strudel… the list goes on! We even had a Pikachu Cake - yep, we had no words either. Despite the incredibly tough competition, our judges finally reached a verdict. Drum roll please…

In third place was Mr Dave Wrightson himself, with a strong entry of seasonal Apple Pecan Strudel. A close second was Pippa’s Carrot Cake Muffins, which looked just as perfect as they tasted! Stealing the crown was Tom Schofield’s winning entry of Peanut Butter Cookies, which received a staggering 20 out of 20.

Approximately 15,000 calories and 10,000 grams of sugar later, we were all well and truly defeated. Until next time...


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