From the lab: iToggle for jQuery

Roughly a 1 minute read from Will

05 Aug 2009

For a little challenge the other day we decided to see how closely we could re-create the iPhone's toggle switches on the web. Into the labs we went, and the result was a brand new plugin!

Using just one image, some simple CSS, almost no HTML and a compact bit of Javascript (3kb) we've forged this little plugin to replace those boring checkboxes and radio buttons with something far more fancy looking!

With the help of jQuery this plugin will replace any checkbox or radio element you want with this sliding alternative.

Head over to the labs page for an in depth explanation and links to download the files, including a PSD template. Questions or examples of iToggle in action? let us know below!

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Will is the UX Director at Engage. With over 10 years of industry experience, he has a vast knowledge in all aspects of front-end development and his keen eye for design, movement and interaction will bring any project to life.

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