From the lab: tBlank for jQuery

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22 Mar 2010

How links are treated on websites is usually dictated by the nature of the link (e.g. external links are traditionally opened in a new window) This can often cause confusion for less web-savvy users as they are suddenly faced with a new page containing unfamiliar content. We wanted to try and improve this process, and so came about 'tBlank'.

The tBlank plugin is essentially very simple. When a user clicks on a link, a quick check is done to determine whether it's an internal or external link. If it's an external link a popup is then shown giving information about the link itself and also the option to either open the link in a new window, or the one they're currently in. Their decision is then saved in a cookie and remembered throughout the rest of the website.

And that's pretty much it! If it sounds like your kinda thaaaang and you fancy giving it a try, why not visit the labs page below for more information, examples and usage instructions.

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Will is the UX Director at Engage. With over 10 years of industry experience, he has a vast knowledge in all aspects of front-end development and his keen eye for design, movement and interaction will bring any project to life.

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