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22 Sep 2009

We've been a little light on blog posts over the last few weeks, not because we've been sat here lazing around and playing Xbox - in fact quite the opposite, we've been crazily busy with all kinds of interesting work. Rather than blog about everything separately, I thought I'd use this momentary lull in proceedings to provide a quick digest of the last few weeks...

We popped along to FOWD Leeds

For those not familiar with the acronym, FOWD stands for 'The Future Of Web Design' and the Leeds leg formed part of a UK wide tour of conferences run by the guys over at Carsonified. The day was a good chance to mix with a whole range of people from the industry and listen to presentations on various aspects of the web. We weren't necessarily sure that it dealt with the Future of web design particularly, but it was a good day out nonetheless and gave us a chance to catch up with a few familiar faces. If anyone's reading this and also went - what did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Work started on an exciting new project

We were chuffed to hear we'd been appointed as the new digital agency for the restaurant chain Giraffe after impressing them with the work we had been doing for STRADA. Since winning the account we've been busy working on some great new designs and features that we'll be rolling out as part of a brand new online and marketing strategy.

We can't give too much more away at this stage, but keep an eye on the RSS or Twitter for updates over the next few weeks.

Our Arc Karaoke microsite launched

As if students didn`t have enough fun already, our friends over at Arc Inspirations have just installed some brand spanking new karaoke booths for people to murder practically every popular song ever written.

They asked us to create them an engaging little microsite to promote the new offering, which is exactly what we did for them and we even threw in a nice bit of Javascript goodness for good measure too.

You can see the finished site right here.

We did some spring cleaning

As many of you will know, updating your own site can often get overlooked in favour of client work and going to the pub.

Even so, we thought it was about time to add Will and Neil to the team page, update a few pieces of work and amend the homepage layout slightly.

Under the hood everything's been given a good spray of WD40 so it all slides and scrolls that little bit smoother. We hope you like the changes, despite them being small. I guess we'll be due a redesign soon, but I'm blocking that out of my mind at the moment!

Dave got swine flu

Quick, call in the paramedics and order the Tami Flu! Yes, Dave managed to get Swine Flu. He says he picked it up from the kids - but we think he spent too much time worrying piglets down at the local farm. Either way, he's off work at the moment recovering so if you want to send him presents and chocolates just address them to me and I'll make sure he gets them...promise!


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