Presenting 'Pocket Diner'

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10 Nov 2010

It's an exciting day in the office as we're launching our first ever product - Pocket Diner. It's a fully content managed mobile website for restaurants that unlike a standalone App, works across all phones from iPhones to Blackberrys and beyond. With mobile browsing set to explode over the coming years, we really hope that Pocket Diner will help set a standard for how users interact with brands on their phones.

The idea came about, because as many of you will know, traditional websites simply aren’t built for the small screen. Navigation is often fiddly, frustrating and involves a lot of pinching, rotating and squinting. Pocket Diner helps sites resolve this as it's been designed specifically for these small screens, and is quite simply a pleasure to use. So whether at home or on the move, visitors will have a much more pleasant and efficient browsing experience.

As for the techy stuff, our simple detection code, once added to the

of a website will filter out all mobile traffic, whilst at the same time detecting the capabilities of their handset. Then depending on their phones xHTML support, they'll be automatically served an appropriate mobile, Pocket Diner powered version of the site

We've packed in a load of cool features too, with everything being fully content managed (including the design) from our custom admin Control Panel. From here users can add all their menu items, locations, offers and more. Already using Twitter or Facebook? No problem, as these can all be linked up too. We're also already working hard on the next version, which will allow visitors to book a table via their phones, which we're really excited about!

We realise that many of our readers aren't the exact target market for Pocket Diner (unless you also manage a restaurant, or have some as clients!) but we hope from a web design perspective that you like the work that we've put into everything. We' d love to hear any comments / suggestions below.

Visit the full site here -


Alex is co-founder of Engage. With an awarded background in design and development he now concentrates the majority of his time on moulding the future picture of Engage's development, paying particular attention to the intricate balance of culture, growth and doughnut consumption.

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