Strada gets a makeover

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22 Jun 2011

Strada is a brand we've been working with for many years and one which holds a special place in our HTML hearts. We built the previous incarnation of their site, which served them nobly and even managed to pick up a few awards along the way. But as they say, all good things come to an end, and in line with a change in the direction for the brand we were asked to look at updating the website so it would reflect this fresh new look.

Now, a few years is a looooooooong time in this industry, and over that time we've seen the way we design and build websites change quite dramatically. Most notably, we've had HTML5 come along, seen the continued enhancement of Javascript and most recently started seeing a lot articles on responsive design and the (very valid) fact that websites no longer just sit on a desktop any more, but can be consumed across a whole range of devices, from iPads to mobile and more. It's all very exciting stuff for geeks like us, and we wanted to fully explore these new technologies on the new Strada site.

So, onto the site...

The first thing you may notice is the subtly responsive design. The site currently provides two slightly different layouts. There's a wide-screen version which is delivered at resolutions above 1200px wide, and then a not-so-wide-screen version for those below. Try opening up the site and dragging the browser window to see what we mean.

Underneath the hood, everything has been coded up in all the new HTML5 tags that have been made available and we're also using an ample amount of CSS3 (with IE fallbacks) which means that as browsers continue to improve their CSS support means the site 'should' look better over time for more people - which is quite a cool thought.

The Javascript has all be hand-coded from scratch, which means we've been able to do some quite cool stuff, especially with the location picker - and we've also thrown in a good dose of social media, especially in the menu section, where you can now like and share all of your favourite Strada dishes (you lucky people!)

As usual, we hope you like the site and feel free to leave any thoughts or comment below.


Alex is co-founder of Engage. With an awarded background in design and development he now concentrates the majority of his time on moulding the future picture of Engage's development, paying particular attention to the intricate balance of culture, growth and doughnut consumption.

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