The 'all-new' weekly round-up (issue #1)

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22 May 2009

Despite spending most of our days creating outstanding stuff for the web, we also spend a fair bit of time looking at tons of other amazing work that's out there. Now being a nice bunch, we thought we would start a new weekly round-up column where we can share some of the things we're currently loving so you can all love them too!

Check back here weekly for bits of sweet functionality, outstanding design, top features or just a great site that we just think it pretty cool. We don't need a reason do we?

So without any more introduction, welcome to our first weekly round-up...

1. Globrix

Although Dave lives in the street next to our office, he thinks the 58 second commute is too long and is looking for something a bit closer. While looking he stumbled across the fantastic Now whilst Rightmove may have the monopoly and the big advertising budget, this little web2.0 gem beats it hands down in terms of usability, making awesome and really slick use of the google maps api and incorporating some really neat filtering tools. It really does reinvent the way in which you can search online for both houses for sale and rent. It also has a nicely distilled mobile version that brings through the key info including a location map and photo.

2. Spezify

If you follow us on twitter you may have seen that we like This simple idea (the simple ones are always the best) is great for getting a load of 'stuff' from sources around the web you might use it to get inspiration or a starting point for some other ideas. It's a sort of search engine of search engines that presents the results in an interesting and engaging way. Although currently in beta we think when video and sound are integrated this service will really shine.

3. Balsamiq Mockups

Interface design is something we love doing and on the whole we're pretty good at it. Recently we've been playing with Balsamiq Mockups. This nifty tool can help with the early stages of UI design when the ideas are flowing and everything could still change. Filled with loads of predefined controls and widgets, it is possible in a very short period of time, to create a good quality UI mockup. We liked the collaboration module which meant we didn't even have to be in the same room as each other, especially at the moment with Alex's continual sneezing giving us all cause for convern that he's contracted swine flu!

4. A Twitter treat

Finally this week we want to mention this nifty tool for everyone who's boss tells them off for spending productive time messing around on twitter. We think the opening message from the site sums it all up very well.

So, you work at a big corporate, huh?

And you're not allowed to use Twitter...

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a Twitter tool that looked just like Excel?


...and that's it for this week, we hope you found some of the above links useful and check back next Friday for another round-up. Comments are open as usual and we'd love to hear from you.


Alex is co-founder of Engage. With an awarded background in design and development he now concentrates the majority of his time on moulding the future picture of Engage's development, paying particular attention to the intricate balance of culture, growth and doughnut consumption.

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