The cat’s out the bag (a new site for Wagg!)

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13 May 2016

The cat’s out the bag (a new site for Wagg!)

You may have read that we recently welcomed Wagg Foods on board as our latest client, and since then we've been hard at working creating them a wonderful new website full of all the fancy bits 'n' bobs and attention to detail you've hopefully come to expect from us!

Wagg’s a bold brand, and one which doesn’t like to take itself too seriously, so we designed them a site which reflected the colourful charm of their packaging, and brought the whole experience to life with a generous sprinkling of animation.

As a new client (and a foray into a new industry for us) It was only right that they had a website of the highest pedigree (sorry!). It’s safe to say the pet food industry as a whole is a *little* late to the party in terms of digital, so we sat down and re-visited the site from the ground up, discarding any ‘standard practice’ approaches and seeing how we could simplify the whole user experience, whilst at the same time enhancing it.

We've just launched the site now, so go explore it for yourselves, we really hope you like it.

P.S. We’re also working on a site for Wagg’s sister (more grown up) brand, Harringtons, so watch this space for that one too!


Tom heads up Engage’s design team, oversees all creative output from the studio, and is responsible for concept development through to the finer detail which sets our work apart from the rest. As a key client contact, Tom’s expertise lies in translating briefs into multi-channel digital campaigns.

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