Weekly round-up #4

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12 Jun 2009

It's been a bit more relaxing this week after seemingly endless meetings and pitches recently. It's also been a bit quiet with ground breaking new cool stuff, but there are still a few snippets of interest to round off the week.

Wordpress 2.8 released!

We love Wordpress - you're viewing these very words through it - so when a new release comes out we're like kids in a sweet shop desperate to hit the 'upgrade' button, but with fingers crossed that nothing breaks!

The new features are subtle rather than ground breaking, but it all adds up to make the user experience even slicker. We've taken the opportunity to just refresh our blog a little, so it all looks a bit nicer, and comments are now brought through onto the recent post listings.

No Internet Explorer for Windows 7 in Europe!

Web developers of the world rejoice! Well, probably not, as we still have to cater for IE, but it will be nice if this legislation increases the number of users of Firefox and other 'proper' browsers.

It does mean though that relatives will all be ringing me up and asking how to get the interweb working on their new PC's!

Firefox gets blazingly quick

The latest Firefox 3.5 beta is looking great, rendering pages incredibly quickly, with no plug-in issues (at least the ones we use).

Benchmark results show it being twice as fast as the current version 3, and 10x as fast as Internet Explorer 7. So if you aren't using it already (and the fact you're reading this blog means you probably are!) then give it a try.

Google smart navigation for street view

Most people agree that street view is amazing, but it's a bit sluggish to navigate, so its more of a novelty than genuinely useful. That is until you start using the new smart navigation.

Google explains it better than we do, so watch this video for tips on making your virtual snooping even easier!

And finally.....

We really liked this spotify summer playlist put together by Glayva - a nice simple use of the brand and it's been filling our office with little rays of sunshine all day long. You have to confirm your age to get into the site as its alcohol related, so just click here if you just want the play list link


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