Weekly round-up #5

Roughly a 2 minute read from Neil

19 Jun 2009

We've started a few new projects this week and also been looking at some new offices (exciting times!) so it's been heads down while we've been breaking the back of things. We've also been working on some fun new labs bits and bobs which we hope to share with you soon. In the meantime here's this week's dose of interesting web stuff...

CSS Layouts

There are countless CSS layout frameworks available these days but we've never been tempted to take the plunge. Not only do we feel its vitally important to fully understand every line of CSS that we write and use but a lot of what we've seen in frameworks can be done in half the code, with performance obviously not at the top of the requirements list. We like these two ideas however which are both super lightweight and are based on really simple principles. The one line css framework is about as small as you can get and works around the principle that every column can be divided by two. This 1kb css grid offers a little more flexibility for slightly more code but at this size who's counting?

Opera Unite

Has been in the news this week with Opera itself making huge claims that "Opera Unite reinvents the Web". While we think that adding a webserver, media player and file sharing service to the browser is in principle an interesting idea that introduces a new way of filesharing with a kind of PtoP technology, we are fairly sure thats its not going to reinvent the web. Read an interesting post on what it is and what it isnt.

Augmented Reality

Is the idea of mixing real world and computer generated data together to make a kind of real-world-with-computer-stuff-in-it reality. We love this idea and think this Google Android application is really sweet. There are a load of augmented reality games here.

Twitter Aggregation

Not being able to complete a round-up without mentioning some type of twitter related thingy, we really like the simple idea of this set of sites which aggregate 'celebrity' designers, developers, journalists and musicians (amongst other themes) creating channels of chatter about our favorite things.

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