Weekly round-up #7

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03 Jul 2009

With a week of glorious sunshine and even some success at Wimbledon, you'd be mistaken in thinking we'd all been abducted in our Sleep and dropped off in Spain... It's also been a week where we've seen quite a lot of new cool stuff blogged, Twittered and Facebooked - here are some of the favourites.

Firefox 3.5 released

We're long term fans of Firefox in the office (despite it's tendency to really hog memory, but hey, no-one's perfect) so, when version 3.5 hit the download sites we were excited to see what new features would be available. There's a whole heap of improvements, but here are a few of our favourites:

>> Speed - Firefox 3.5 is considerably faster than it's predecessors which means we have less time waiting for stuff to load and more time to design stuff.

>> HTML 5 support - This is something we've been playing with a bit, and now we can play with it a little bit more - great!

>> CSS 3 support - Although many CSS properties aren't yet supported by 'main stream' browser versions, we can still utilise it power to create nice little fancy touches on sites for those able to support them.

You can read about a few more of the top features here, and if you're not already using Firefox, why not take the plunge and download it?

Check my colours

Check my colours is a fancy little tool for checking foreground and background colour combinations of all DOM elements on a page and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits. It's great for flagging up any contrast related accessibility issues, whilst also just being one of those online tools that makes you go 'ooo, that's clever, I wonder how it does that!' so add it to your bookmarks now.

15 iPhone applications for web designers

We all have iPhones in the office, it's a 'company perk' as we're so lovely. We're therefore always on the look out for great new apps to harp on to each other about and to bore our friends with down the pub. There are actually quite a number of applications aimed squarely at those in the web design industry, many of which are often overlooked being featured in the iTunes App store in favour of bouncing boobs and squeaking rubber ducks. Luckily the guys over at Web Design Ledger have compiled a list of the 15 best applications for web designers to save us the hard work, and it's got some great little apps on it.

Check out the list >here<

Sexy Execs

Finally, a bit of light relief and something to put a smile on your face this Friday. Sexy Execs is basically a blog poking fun at 'the silver-foxes and their lovely lady friends who rule our corporate world' (Their quote, not ours). Yes, we feel a little bit guilty advocating making (harmless) fun of these individuals, but we're sure they're made of sturdy stuff being so high-flying and all!


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