We're halfway there!

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09 Sep 2016

We're halfway there!

The elympics has officially reached the halfway point. We are 6 months into our year long challenge to raise £8,000 for four fantastic local charities, using blood, sweat and tears only! Amongst the many countless cases of fatigued feet, bruised bums and aching arms here are some of the headline stats:

To put that into perspective that’s an average of £537.50 a month raised through swimming, cycling, running, rowing and walking. We’ve climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest an exhausting 14 times and 11,202 miles means we have traveled from Leeds to Tokyo and then back again!

Now obviously we realise that £3,255 isn’t half of our £8,000 target, so that’s why we are doubling our efforts. In November, 19 members of team Engage will be lacing up their running shoes for the Leeds Abbey Dash. The 190KM covered will give the elympics a £94 boost.

Of course if you wanted to give us a little push you can find our donation page here.

To keep track of what’s going on in the elympics head to Then simply head over to http://elym.pics

Or to read more about the project give this a read.

We really hope you’ll support us on our (often sweaty!) journey as we keep our blog, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram updated with progress towards our £8,000 goal.


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