Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding how user search trends, content marketing and online PR work together to boost your online visibility is a must for any business. Our aim at Engage is to provide you valuable insight which forms the basis of a holistic SEO strategy, combining technical, content and coverage in a way that will drive traffic and revenue.

Local SEO

As Google becomes more personal, so must your SEO strategy. Local SEO focuses on improving local pack visibility and traffic by optimising your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information across the web, on Google+ and your own site.

Website Migrations & Redirect Maps

Whether it’s a brand refresh, international expansion or a platform change, websites come and go but your traffic shouldn’t. A well planned site migration minimises any surprises on launch day and aims to keep visibility and traffic as steady by providing search engines with the information they need to understand the change.

SEO & PR Campaigns

Creating expertise and sparking conversation is what we do for our clients and when done correctly, you can benefit by earning links to your site through engaging content and smart PR. As links continue to be the biggest off-site factor, they remain important to SEO and answering the question, “how do I earn relevant, quality links?” is where we come in.

Manual, Panda & Penguin Penalty Removal

Penalties can have a huge impact on your brand and traffic and getting back in Google’s “good books” quickly and efficiently is of utmost importance! Our experience in removing manual penalties swiftly is based on a tried and tested approach to link audits using industry leading tools to get you results.We can also help your website recover from Panda and Penguin penalties which can be tricky to identify and fix if you don’t you know where you’re hunting!

Technical Audits & Consultancy

Are there SEO questions coming from your dev agency which just don’t make sense? Let us help, we’ll happily consult on new and existing website builds to ensure they are optimised for search engines as well as your audience. We can crawl your site to spot dead links, lost link power, duplicate URLs and many more common issues webmasters and marketers face when tackling digital.

Our services