Disrupting the world of fashion with ASOS

Fresh off the catwalk

The brief

ASOS approached us with an interesting, and suitably fashionable brief. They wanted us to design and build them a brand new solution for their fresh-off-the-catwalk technology Ventures platform. Designed to attract the brightest and most disruptive fashion start-ups in the industry, the new site would provide information on how ASOS would help facilitate their business growth, and also allow people to apply for the scheme.

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Under the hood

To bring the site to life we used the GreenSock Animation Platform. This is the most powerful HTML5 JavaScript animation library on the market and allows us to generate silky smooth movement on all devices.

All the animation and interaction is hand coded - over 4000 lines of code!

A closer look

Multi platform, touch-enabled

Responsive from desktop down to mobile and with larger hit areas generated for touch-enabled devices, the site is fully accessible regardless of how you choose to browse it.

Hey there old timer!

Our website uses some new fangled technology which we’re afraid your current web browser doesn’t support.

There’s loads of choice out there nowadays and it’s easy to upgrade. Just click the link below for more information!

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I.T. guy wont budge?

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