Bar + Block

Grills, thrills + all the frills

Fillet Steak

The brief

It’s been 40 years since Beefeater first broke the mould serving good steak without all the steakhouse fussiness. Now they’re ready to shake things up again with their brand new and exciting restaurant concept, Bar + Block.

Bar + Block is set to wow steak lovers with its fresh and unique approach to steak dining. The only thing they didn’t have was was a shiny, new website to match. Enter Team Engage.

As soon as the brief hit we got to work bringing Bar + Block to life online, feeling inspired by the brand's impressive and forward-thinking values.


The website

Showcasing their personality and energy was a priority for Bar + Block. With the words ‘informal' and ‘expertise' at the heart of it all, we went about creating a website that reflected their clean cut style, smart & upbeat tone, and incredibly exciting offering.


A closer look

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