The making of #BEER - a delicious collaboration

We did the hops & that

The big idea

We’re always on the look out for fun, interesting and challenging projects to get everyone involved in at work, so when someone suggested that we brew a beer there was unanimous agreement.

After plenty of research we agreed that we wanted to brew a good strong Indian Pale Ale (IPA for short). An IPA is a style of beer which has an intense flavour provided by the sheer number of hops that are added during the brew process. Unfortunately at this point we got a bit stuck. However much we’d love to, we don’t actually have any brewing equipment in the office. Luckily the guys at Revolutions Brewing are just down the road and they agreed to help us bring our liquid vision to life.

It's not just about the beer...

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We’ve not just brewed a beer though. All proceeds will be going straight to The Yorkshire Air Ambulance. This is a charity that many us in the office are passionate about due to our love of cycling around in the remote Yorkshire countryside (though we've fortunately not had to put their services to the test!).

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance pilots posing with their delivery of #BEER

What, no website?

Don't be silly! What do you take us for? We wanted to create somewhere to shout about #BEER and also let people share their best #BEER moments, so knocked together a nice little responsive product site.

Hey there old timer!

Our website uses some new fangled technology which we’re afraid your current web browser doesn’t support.

There’s loads of choice out there nowadays and it’s easy to upgrade. Just click the link below for more information!

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I.T. guy wont budge?

No problem! Give us a call on 0113 457 4090, we’re happy to help.