All I want for
Christmas is Jet2

The brief

Jet2holidays approached us to help add a little magic to their customers’ Christmases through a prize giveaway to rival even Santa’s boundless generosity!

The idea was simple - give away 26 package holidays, one each day, running up to Boxing Day. All we had to do was devise a novel and engaging way to wrap it all up, then sit back and watch the joy of Christmas unfold.

And so we set the Elves to work, taking a traditional Advent Calendar and spicing it up with a modern twist and of course, a generous sprinkling of Engage goodness. Read on to see how it played out.

Launch project

The approach

We knew that allowing people to play through the whole experience on mobile, without compromise was going to be key to the success of the project. We therefore planned and wireframed the whole journey mobile-first and scaled things up from there as the number of available pixels grew. Ample use of SVGs made this possible without any impact on quality or page load times - another key measure of success for the project.

As players are given 3 chances to win each day and can use these chances at any time, it meant that behind the scenes we also had to develop a whole load of pretty clever logic to keep track of plays, repeat plays, wins, loses, shares and more.

You can see how it all came together in the quick video below…

The branding

Christmas is an interesting time for designers. While the entire season may be flooded with vibrant reds and snow-covered visuals, it’s also a time of year when quality seems to go out the window! Our aim with the Advent Calendar was to produce stand out branding that would not only engage players, but also give some elegance back to the Christmas holidays.

Say ‘Hi’ to Holi Days

To further enhance the campaign with an offline presence, we were tasked with sculpting a mascot to accompany the Advent. Following initial discussion of a Gingerbread Lady, our task was to not only anthropomorphize a sweet treat (no mean feat!) but to also give the experience some personality through a friendly face.

And so, after plenty of gingerbread R&D (mostly at Greggs) we jumped into Illustrator and began baking up what was soon to be known as Holi. Flaunting gorgeous blonde locks and a pretty red dress, our festive mascot was born and ready to travel the world… quite literally!

Following sign off, Holi was promptly transformed into a physical form and sent packing on a number of Jet2holidays flights - lucky girl!

Soaring through 30fps

The next job was to provide promotional video reels to advertise the application across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Having just ten seconds to shout about the many holidays on offer was a challenge… but then again we like challenges!

Starting out as a two dimensional view of the Advent Calendar’s many windows, our promotional video breaks into the world of 3D as it zooms into action. Flying through the application a familiarity with the campaign is built with the viewer, all whilst showcasing the fact that there’s 26 different holidays to be won.

And last but not least, Christmas jingles and backing tracks were added to bring Holi and her tour to life.


To ensure the Advent Calendar was discovered by as many people as possible we created a full suite of dynamic and static assets to be promoted across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter YouTube and Google's Display Network. Eye-catching imagery and creative call-to-actions expanded the reach of the campaign and allowed Jet2holidays to reach new audiences.

The numbers

  • social stats icon 1.5M+ Total plays
  • email stats icon 18% Signup increase YOY
  • page view stats icon 2.5M+ Doors opened
  • page view stats icon 1 Gingerbread

“I have really enjoyed working with Engage and we are thrilled with our 2015 Jet2holidays Advent Calendar. Their professionalism and efficiency has really impressed me. They haven’t over promised and I’ve liked the fact that they’ve reigned us back to ensure the finished product is simple but far better than we expected, which is a refreshing change. Engage have been extremely easy to work with.”

Fred Gray


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