Taylors Coffee

A mind-blowing campaign for Taylors Coffee

A hub of social activity

The brief

Launching a new coffee range into the market is no easy feat, so deciding to shun the usual ‘brimming mugs’ and ‘beige’ coffee-ad conventions, the campaign focuses on the mind blowing effect on your senses when coffee hits your taste buds and caffeine hits your brain.

Taylors’ new range is described as complex, magical and packed full of serious character, and we were tasked with creating a digital presence to match (we do love a good challenge!). With so much content to work with, our solution was to create a confident, immersive microsite bursting with distinctive imagery, movement and social content.

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The nitty gritty

The site pulls in content from all the big social networks, using a combination of API hooks. This creates a rich blend of imagery, video and text which gives the site its unique flavour and allows the team at Taylors to use their social channels as a mini CMS to push their latest content to thirsty visitors, right as it happens.

“It’s like some warped old Disney film, but I LOVE it… #welcometocoffee”

From mobile to desktop

With people logging on to the site on all manner of devices we built a completely bespoke responsive framework to house all the content, ensuring it still looks great regardless of screen size.

“Working with Engage was just a breath of fresh air. Not only do they combine real design flair with a brilliant understanding of how to make online experiences a pleasure for the user, but they are a genuinely nice bunch to work with. Above all, the outcome was a gorgeous dynamic content hub that was easy to manage and a joy to interact with. Mission accomplished and then some.”

Dom Dwight

Brand communications manager

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