Teaching an old dog
new tricks


The brief

Wagg approached us to give their website a good grooming and make it worthy of ‘Best in Show’ - they wanted something that reflected their brand, and which gave them plenty of opportunity to show off their personality. The site had to be responsive, and it had to have some seamless social integration - the easier for visitors to watch Dogglebox, the better!

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The website

Wagg is a brand which doesn’t take itself too seriously, so we designed them a site which reflected the colourful charm of their packaging, and brought the whole experience to life with a generous sprinkling of animation.

It’s safe to say that the pet food industry as a whole is a little late to the party in terms of digital, so we sat down and revisited the site from the ground up - discarding any ‘standard’ practices to see how we could simplify and enhance the user experience.

“The team at Engage were able to deliver a huge step-change for the brand, bringing our website kicking and screaming into the modern-day that will provide the perfect platform for achieving our wider brand goals.”

Photo of Dan Reeves
Dan Reeves

Marketing Manager
Wagg Foods Ltd.

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