A brand-new launch for Whitbread Inns

Roughly a 2 minute read by Tom

Phew, it’s certainly been a busy few weeks here in the studio! We’ve got some pretty exciting projects on the go at the moment, as well as a revamp of our own branding (more on that soon!) but for now, here’s a lovely little site we’ve launched for our friends over at Whitbread.

Whitbread Inns is a brand-spanking new pub concept from hospitality giants Whitbread (think Premier Inn, Beefeater, Costa). Consumers these days are taking a greater interest in the provenance of their food, where the desire to stay local and seasonal is at the core. So in response, Whitbread Inns centres around the concept of a local pub, each with it’s own unique identity and all-important nod to it’s history and surroundings. After all, who doesn't love a good old British pub!

Visually, the site needed to convey the familiarity of “your local pub”, but with the polish and finesse you’d expect from a Whitbread brand (and an Engage website of course!) Initially launching with three locations, the site needed to be agile and flexible to handle new pubs as they open. With this in mind we designed a simple landing page for the core brand, linking off to dedicated sites hosted on their own domains.

As usual we hope you like the site, so feel free to have a good click-around and let us know in the comments below!