Great e-marketing platforms don't guarantee great results.

We build the strategy you've been missing, driving maximum ROI. Many invest in top-tier e-marketing and automation platforms, expecting immediate success. However, even the best tools need the right strategy.

Why is your e-marketing underperforming?

If your email campaigns aren't hitting the mark, you're not alone. We craft strategies that elevate your campaigns to drive the most value.

The reality is that a tool, no matter how advanced, is only as effective as the strategy behind it. Without a tailored approach, businesses find themselves grappling with subpar conversion rates, missed engagement opportunities, and dwindling returns.

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Why focus on e-marketing?

✓ Targeting an already engaged audience

✓ Yields a higher ROI when compared to acquisition

✓ Drive action in the most cost effective way

✓ Highly personalised segments will increase the conversion rate further

✓ It’s a scalable channel which works regardless of database size

✓ Optimised automation is the ultimate efficiency boost

Working across all platforms

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Our e-marketing strategy

Through careful research of your customer habits and needs, we can build and nurture bespoke end-to-end customer journeys that keep your audience engaged and prevent drop offs on the road to conversion. Optimized automation will make sure you never miss a date, or an opportunity to guide your customers further down the funnel to drive more from the same.

Automation & personalisation

With so much promised, truly solid automation is rarely delivered out of the box. This is your ticket to seamless, ongoing engagement while lightening your workload. Once we've reviewed and integrated automated workflows and triggers, we’ll let the platform take the reins, allowing you to focus on higher value tasks. It's the ultimate efficiency boost.

Tracking & reporting

Helping optimise tracking and reporting is key. Allowing accurate, real-time updates on recipient engagement - revealing who's opening, reading, and most importantly converting. Stay ahead of your campaign's performance with precise statistics, monitor subscriber growth, and identify top-performing subject lines.

Template design

We create high performing email designs that grab the eye as soon as they’re opened. By adding animation and interactive elements, we offer real value and interest to customers in that ever-competitive inbox space.

Consistently delivering emails that resonate with your brand, not only building brand loyalty but elevating your overall image. Once we've built a unique branded template tailored to your needs, you'll be all set to hit the ground running.

Build & deliverability

Nobody wants painstakingly crafted emails to get lost in the spam folder. To ensure optimal delivery rates, we offer data refinement and strategy to bolster your reputation as a trusted sender. A/B testing drives higher performance through optimised subject lines, imagery and messaging to drive open, click through and conversion rates.

Ready to unlock the power of your e-marketing?

We start by diving into your data and figuring out what success means for your emails. As we map out the various routes your customers take across your digital landscape, we identify the spots where emails can make the most impact and drive the biggest return. This careful analysis helps us create a tailored strategy that guides you toward the best outcome.