Creating websites that delight your users and drive conversions

More than just looking great, our design thinking is grounded in best practice user experience that delivers results.

Building trust with your audience

Users now more than ever are looking to brand's websites for verification & trust, meaning your website is more than likely the first point of contact or transaction between you and your customer. For this reason, our focus is on delivering a great user experience that not only looks fantastic, but also converts.

A successful website should enhance the relationship you have with your audience, whether that be through online sales, lead generation or simply brand awareness.

Understanding your business and customer objectives

With any new project our first step is onboarding our team. We want to understand your business and the users that you're looking to engage (excuse the pun!)

To deliver a product which works for you and your audience we need to become experts in the field, understand your user's goals, motivations, and any frustrations they may currently face.

Our tried and tested discovery approach, which includes workshops, analytics reviews, user research, and technical discovery ensures we design a product which will truly connect you with your audience in the right way, at the right time.

Definition & strategy

If the discovery phase is the 'what?' then the definition is the 'how?'

Working collaboratively, we'll use the data and findings from the discovery phase to inform and define a clear strategy, outlining key user objectives and the problems we wish to solve.

Because every project is different, we don't rely on the same tools and processes each time, instead choosing an approach that is tailored to your business and users. Methods we'll employ during our definition phase include; user persona creation, user journey mapping, information architecture, sitemap creation, wireframing, and prototyping.

Design and creative

Delivering a visually impactful online experience for your users is something which can reinforce and strengthen your brand.

Whether it's working within existing brand guidelines, or creating something new and bespoke, our website creative process explores how your brand best translates into the digital environment.

We recognise the 'feel' of a site is often what makes the difference between a good and great user experience. We'll develop creative concepts, motion prototypes, and also complete a full design roll out for key page templates across both mobile and desktop devices - ensuring your brand is fully reflected at all touch points.

Device optimisation

As a team of creative and UX specialists, we understand optimisation across a range of devices is key to user experience - and with the advent of Smart TVs, integrated games consoles and digital signage, this is only going to become more common.

Recognising and investing time in ensuring our digital experiences are optimised for these platforms is key to their success especially with services such as Google now penalising slow websites which don't take their speed and performance seriously.

If you're interested in hearing more about how we can optimise your website for the best possible user experience then head over to our website page speed optimisation service.