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Springing into E-commerce with Harrison Spinks

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Supporting the bed manufacturer with its e-commerce expansion.

We’re always on the lookout for ethically minded brands which have a focus on making the world a better place and Harrison Spinks fits this perfectly. The partnership is a no-brainer for us! Don’t believe us? Just ask our client -

“Tom and the team have done some excellent work on a wide range of digital projects for Harrison Spinks.

Nick Booth, Managing Director, Harrison Spinks

We’ve collaborated on lots of exciting projects since we first started working together in 2018, but things changed dramatically at the start of 2020.

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The challenge

Do you remember the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020? The chances are you were stuck at home in an endless cycle of Zoom calls just like us!

With people locked down at home, spending behavior completely changed and brands across the country had to invest in new marketing and sales strategies. For some brands (hint, hint Harrison Spinks), this presented a unique opportunity. Did you know that a staggering 48% of Brits spent money on home improvements during lockdown? With people spending more time than ever before at home, they really started to notice the smudged paint, the tired sofa and the lack of garden furniture, and home improvement became big business.

To capitalise on this surge in consumer spending and the demand for comfortable homes, Harrison Spinks asked us to support them with their first foray into e-commerce and launch a new next day delivery range.

What really stood out to us is that the new range was developed and launched to support, rather than compete with existing retailer relationships.

“The design and development of the Velocity shopify site in six weeks from start to finish was very impressive. In summary, a great partnership, professional and great to work with

- Nick added

The solution

Using Shopify, we launched a bespoke retailer portal to digitise communications and processes between sales managers and retailers. This featured some pretty snazzy capabilities:

• Asset library and media functions

B2B news channel

• Multi-level user support

The storefront also featured an affiliate purchasing and payment model which could track each transaction back to the independent retailer. We also worked closely with the retailers and provided them with a toolkit to direct their own traffic directly to the commerce site. This enabled hundreds of retailers to remain operational, even at the height of lockdown.

We need a nap after all that hard work!

The results

It was fantastic to play a part in supporting so many independent retailers during lockdown. Here are some results…

  • £200k Revenue
  • 6 Week turnaround
  • 500k ARR
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