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Driving footfall for football

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The brief

Brits, pubs and football is a pretty well known relationship. But how do you get more people to leave the comfort of their sofa and beer stocked fridge to watch the game in their local pub? You give them a competition to predict the scores of course!

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The Challenge

When M&B came to us asking for a way to get more footfall in their pubs during high profile games in the premier league and encourage repeat plays, we put our best team on the pitch.

It was time for a different sort of game…

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The Solution

We developed a score predictor mechanic that allowed customers to sign up, choose their local pub (ie: their local leaderboard) and make predictions for the upcoming game - win/loss/draw.

We then tracked the results of every game played and those that had a correct prediction scored a point. At the end of the week points are tallied for prizes at the pub and results are tallied on a local and national leaderboard.

Toasting our success

We scored some goals on this one. Each week we saw approximately 10,000 people play per week and issued 435,892 prizes over the duration of the season!

Let’s talk results

  • 10k Weekly players
  • 435k Prizes issued weekly
  • 638%+ ROI
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