Unlock potential with PageSpeed optimisation

A lightning fast website is just the beginning. Optimisation improves your user experience, increases traffic, and will help drive conversions.

Optimisation from the outset

The best approach to optimisation is to plan for it from the very beginning. Our UX design and development teams work closely together to ensure that regardless of your ambitions for visual, interaction or content, your website will always be lightning fast.

Strong fundamentals

While a lot of the effort which goes into optimising a website requires a bespoke approach, we have, and continue to invest in our tools, services and infrastructure to ensure that a large proportion of this effort is entirely automated.

  • CSS, HTML and JavaScript is purged, minified and Gziped
  • Tree shaking removes unnecessary JavaScript
  • Static and dynamic images are optimised and automatically sized to the optimum size for a range of viewport dimensions
  • Intelligent caching ensures that users never have to wait for content to be processed before being served
  • All media is served via our lightning fast CDN
  • Our AWS powered server infrastructure has been architectured to provide the best performance possible

Maintaining and improving

Launching an optimised website is just the beginning - web technologies will continue to progress, and with them, our own expectations. Google has been clear; they will continue to move the goalposts.

This requires an ongoing strategy to monitor, adjust and improve to ensure that your hard-earned score doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Why does PageSpeed matter?

Your website is a tool at the centre of your digital business; many of the investments you make into ongoing content, SEO or paid media strategies rely on the effectiveness of this tool.

Quite simply, neglecting the PageSpeed score of your website will reduce the efficiency of these ongoing strategies, forcing you to spend more to achieve the same results.