Raising money and heart rates with Elympics

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Introducing, Elympics

Let's take a break from client work for a minute and talk to you about Elympics. Now into its 4th year, Elympics is our annual challenge to make us the healthiest digital agency on the block whilst raising lots of money for our fantastic Leeds charities.

CATCH is a volunteer led small charity based in the heart of Harehills. The funds raised through Elympics have had a direct positive impact on the young people and wider community we support”

Ash Razzaq MBE, Founder at CATCH


How does it work?

By harnessing the power of data we’ve essentially monetised exercise, for charity. Different activities are worth different amounts depending on how much you suffer with the current rates being…


To ensure there’s no cheating, all activities must be tracked using Strava and then we grab all that juicy data and generate our monthly Elympics leaderboard. We also do random drugs tests once a month to ensure fair play. Ok, we made that bit up but at least you’re still reading.

The story so far

In the first 3 years of Elympics we logged over 50,000 miles of exercise - that’s twice around the world! All that sweat didn’t go to waste though and raised over £25,000 for our charities.

You can view our Year 4 Elympics progress over on the website here.


The Abbey Dash

We run ‘The Dash’ every year for Elympics. 2016 saw our best ever turnout with 16 of the team applying the vaseline, stepping up to the start line and collectively raising £79.36 for our charities.


Getting our hands dirty

Sometimes we take a break from all the exercise to also support our charities on the ground. In the photo below we’re not actually auditioning for The Walking Dead, but instead helping to plant trees for Open Country which will eventually form part of a new green space in Otley.


The financial support that you have given us from the Elympics has been incredibly beneficial, allowing us to buy an extra tandem for our disability cycling clubs, which now cover five local towns and cities, including Harrogate, Wetherby and neighbouring Wakefield”

David Shaftoe, Chief Officer at Open Country


Our 2019 charities

Sunshine & Smiles

Sunshine & Smiles is a registered charity that provides a support network in Leeds for children and young people who have Down syndrome and their families.

Until the charity was founded by a small group of parents, Leeds did not have a support network to help children and families living with Down syndrome. Sunshine & Smiles fulfils this important need and provides a vital role in the community.

They also operate the popular 21Co Cafe in Headingley

Find out more about Sunshine & Smiles

St George’s Crypt

St George’s Crypt has come a long way from its roots back in 1930, but the vision remains; supporting the homeless and vulnerable of Leeds. They offer their lunch service to anyone who comes to the door, 3 meals a day 7 days a week, showers, tea and coffee, advice and support.

Find out more about St George’s Crypt


CATCH is registered charity made up of passionate volunteers who want to make a positive difference. They run a multifunctional community centre called ‘ARK’ based in Harehills, Leeds and provide a range of activities for children and young people from all backgrounds. CATCH also provide volunteering opportunities for people of all ages allowing them to gain skills and qualifications.

Find out more about CATCH

Open Country

Since launching in 1990, Open country has developed into a small charity with huge aims! On an average week they run up to eleven countryside activities for people with disabilities, as well as keeping on top of the small mountain of admin work associated with all that they do. Over the years they’ve been recognised by many awards including the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2006.

Find out more about Open Country

Who we’ve previously supported

Lineham Farm

Lineham Farm is a charity that gives disadvantaged, disabled and local school children a break in the glorious Leeds countryside. You name it, Lineham offer it! From their high-ropes course and night walks, to orienteering and mini beast discovery, mountain biking and heart start – Lineham’s very own first aid course. Regardless of how they choose to spend their days, you can rest assured that all children leave the farm thoroughly content, happy and maybe just a little tired!

Find out more about Lineham Farm

Toast Love Coffee

ToastLoveCoffee is a community café in Harehills, Leeds; creating a space where boundaries between different communities will disappear over good coffee, good food and good conversations. All the food is intercepted; it was destined for the bins but is perfectly edible and delicious so served up in the cafe or on the shelves for people to take away. The premise is pay as you feel, with people give with time, money, or skills.

Find out more about Toast Love Coffee


Thank you to the amazing team at Engage for supporting us”

Ash Razzaq MBE Founder, CATCH