Building your digital brand

We'll help you develop striking and meaningful brand assets across all the different touch-points in your digital portfolio.

Know your value

It’s pretty clear that the traditional approach to branding which has worked for years, won’t for years to come. These days we’re spoilt for choice, so it’s about appealing to a person (not a statistic) and projecting your true values as a business (not just your USPs). This is where digital branding comes in. Creating a digitally focussed brand will help your visitors know they’ve found what they’ve been looking for.

The start-up mentality

Startups and small brands have proven that there’s not always a need for traditional print and media advertising, and shaping up your brand via online channels can make a huge difference.

An extension of your brand

So you’ve got a brand or campaign and it’s time to tell the world, our approach to digital branding will ensure every touch point that your customer has an interaction with is considered and consistent.

Some examples of digital branding work:

A bespoke gamification mechanic for an established brand - with it’s own identity but retaining familiarly and trust.

A B2B proposition making the move to sell direct to consumer through e-commerce.

A brand launching a seasonal campaign, with touch-points across web, social media and e-marketing.

It’s all about consistency

Thinking of your digital presence as separate channels will ultimately confuse and disjoint visitors. Each touchpoint should have a familiar visual feel, from the messaging and tone, to the subtle way an image loads on a webpage, to the animation techniques used in an Instagram story.