Five years of festive success with Jet2

The brief

It’s safe to say Jet2holidays take the festive season very seriously, and you can see why - what better way to banish those winter blues and spread some joy than by giving away 26 holidays in the run up to Christmas.

Entering the 5th year of our partnership, the challenge was on to deliver an activation which a) smashed last year’s results, and b) brought something new and exciting for their loyal fanbase. Our objectives were simple, drive acquisition, engagement and loyalty through a 26 day prize extravaganza, with holidays, vouchers and even prizes from the onboard shop up for grabs, bringing a new meaning to Duty Free.

Branding Image

Introducing Window Wonderland…

Capturing the essence of Christmas whilst promoting summer sun getaways is always going to be a tricky creative challenge, so this year we left the tinsel behind and took to the skies.

We took users on a winter tour, landing at a new Jet2 destination each day with a chance to win big. Once the plane lands, open your window to see if you’ve been lucky, and if not, hop back on the plane and have another go tomorrow!


The project was far from simple but the team at Engage worked closely with us to ensure the best possible outcomes were secured.

Caroline Yonan-Sangar, Jet2

He’s checking his list…

Referral mechanics are proven tactic in the e-commerce world, and for the past few years we’ve been experimenting with ways to encourage and incentivise sharing across our activations. This year we took this a step further, supercharging thecampaign with a Christmas list element, allowing users to add their friends & family via a unique sharing code in exchange for more chances to win. Of the 754,000 windows opened, over 43% of these arrived via a referral link, talk about spreading the magic of Christmas!

The element of surprise

Those often hazy, over-indulged days between Christmas and New Year provided us with an ideal opportunity to drop a real surprise. Once the campaign had run its course and the 26 holidays had been given away, we started to tease the audience with news of an even bigger grand prize… a trip to New York.

Big enough news to wake even the deepest of food comas, we saw a surge of re-engagement in the campaign at what is traditionally a very quiet period for holiday bookings.

Highlights from 2019 include:

  • 214k Unique users
  • 754k Windows opened
  • 43% Traffic via referral

Strength in numbers

We’ve now been delivering Jet2’s Christmas campaigns since 2015, a period over which we’ve evolved and developed a number of innovations to drive performance and deliver ROI. Harnessing the power of gamification, referral mechanics and social sharing, we’ve driven over 750,000 new signups over the years, not to mention increasing engagement with their already loyal fanbase.

We loved the campaign and the fantastic results that were achieved are testament to the dedication and knowledge of everyone involved.

Caroline Yonan-Sangar, Jet2


In addition to branding the overall campaign, we also helped boost engagement and resort exposure through paid social creative.


We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and the positive impact this will have on Jet2’s database and website traffic. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Jet2 and seeing what 2020 will bring.

Tom Schofield, Creative Director