Smashing over 28 million plays for Jet2holidays

The brief

Whilst the world got to grips with the COVID-19 lockdown we were busy working on Jet2’s Easter activation, but soon faced a dilemma; how can you give away holidays when your whole fleet is indefinitely grounded? But whilst people may not be able to leave their homes (let alone fly!), they still want to engage with their favourite brands; and with Jet2’s customer sentiment at a real high due to their superb repatriation efforts, the decision was made to ‘crack on’.

So we made some last-minute adjustments, and focussed all our efforts on building buzz, excitement and some much needed hope at a time when people have never been in more need of a holiday.

“Who knew smashing a digital egg could be so addictive

Let’s talk results

  • 28.6m Total plays
  • 270k Unique users
  • 80k New opt-ins

A true pick-up-and-play mechanic

Often the user journey for brand competitions can be long-winded, and the quality of the experience doesn’t always match up to the value exchange of data given by the user. This is something we’ve been working on for years - getting users to the action faster by optimising the onboarding process then serving up a fun, engaging mechanic that keeps them coming back for more.

The beauty of this campaign is the flexibility for the user - they could enter once in a matter of seconds, or alternatively put in some effort and gain hundreds (or thousands!) of additional chances to win.

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Decisions, decisions!

Crunchie or Creme Egg? Everyone has their preference when it comes to chocolate and it’s no different when choosing a holiday. With 5 sub-brands to showcase, we branded up Easter eggs for each holiday type so users could choose their preferred prize and enter that draw, further personalising the experience.

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4

Breaking through 28 million plays

Back in January we posted the results of our Christmas campaign for Jet2; the most popular to date with over 750,000 plays over the 14 day campaign. Fast forward to Easter and we’ve smashed 28 million plays in just 4 days - providing a real, not theoretical example of where continuing to engage with audiences through tougher times can still drive value and increase market share, especially when others are pulling back.

Engage have once again delivered a high-quality and fun Easter campaign, which has allowed us to successfully engage with our customers in a very challenging time.”

Rachel Williams, Partnerships and Campaigns Manager, Jet2


“We’ve been blown away by the numbers over the weekend, it’s a real success story and a pleasure to be part of bringing some joy and excitement in the face of uncertain times. We’ve loved working on this project, and it’s a real testament to the team’s passion and attention to detail that it’s such an addictive experience.

Tom Schofield, Creative Director