Yorkshire Tea

Going live with #deliverbrew

The brief

Doing things proper is the ethos over at Yorkshire Tea, so when they decided to team up with Deliveroo to run a one-day tea delivery campaign around Leeds and London, who better to bring as couriers than the legendary Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

Whilst the pedal-power of World and Olympic Champion triathletes guaranteed swift tea delivery for their customers, they also needed a live social campaign to build awareness and drive engagement throughout the day.

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How we did it

We knew that the key to a successful campaign would involve keeping people interested and engaged across the 3 hour delivery window. Our solution was to build a controllable Facebook Live interface, populated with a running scoreboard of teas delivered, brand related competitions and video highlights captured by our guys on the ground.

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Making the edit

Interviews and deliveries were filmed on-location, whilst head and bike-mounted GoPros recorded the action as the brothers weaved their way through the streets of Leeds and London. Video was then uploaded to HQ to be cut, edited and dropped into the live feed, giving viewers a direct insight into the activity.

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Getting technical

The complexities of the campaign required an approach which was considerably more dynamic than our previous Facebook Live videos. We achieved this by building a control panel to edit content which was then connected in real-time to the live stream using Socket.io. This allowed our director to make decisions on the fly as content became available, as well as communicate directly with the audience in real-time for greater engagement.

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Let’s talk results

  • 17k Live views
  • 70.5k Live reach
  • 974 Teas delivered