Ensure success with discovery and planning

By spending time considering and researching all aspects of your requirements before carefully planning the production, we can confirm the effectiveness and long-term value of your upcoming project before it's even begun.

In-depth research and analysis

We kick all our projects off with a discovery phase. This is an opportunity for our team to work with your stakeholders to fully understand your business, customers and competitors through comprehensive research and analysis.

In a series of workshops with your team, we’ll discuss and confirm your known and unknown requirements and then - taking everything we’ve learned to date - we’ll help you produce an optimal approach to the information architecture of your project.

Confirming the technicals

Technical discovery is our development team’s opportunity to immerse themselves in your existing infrastructure and any 3rd party services and integrations which are required during production.

Our goal is to produce a series of tests which will ensure that your technical requirements can be met.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for our team to suggest additional or improved solutions which you may not have considered.

Wireframe prototypes

By this point, we know a lot about your business, customers and requirements. It’s time to put everything into practice.

Starting with a series of brainstorming sessions we’ll start to prototype key aspects of your project before moving into wireframing. Our aim is to produce a comprehensive representation of the user interface, content and structure that is required by your project.

This is also your opportunity to review a more tangible output of all the work so far, confirming that your expectations are being met or exceeded.

With wireframes and prototypes complete, we’ll perform user testing to confirm the solution against user personas and journeys produced earlier in discovery.

Documentation is key

Throughout the entire discovery process we produce a series of documents which are used to confirm our decisions for the remainder of the project.

Perhaps the most important of these is the project specification. This is the blueprint for the production process. Our development team works closely with the UX and design team to ensure that everything is meticulously planned.

Successful documentation is how we deliver projects on time, to budget and to our exacting quality standards.