Clarion Solicitors

Taking the law into our own hands

Awe and order

When we started working together 10 years ago, the up-and-coming law firm was 50 strong. Now they are over 200 and counting. You could say we’ve grown up together, which explains why we have so much in common… we’re both people-first businesses, we are huge on relationships and, of course, neither of us can get enough of digital.

It’s six years since we last developed Clarion’s website. Oh, how time flies! A lot has changed, and the law firm decided to bring its digital strategy up to date with its continual success. So the team asked us to help. Our job was to hone the brand difference, define it, and then articulate it digitally with a website presence that would support the solicitors on the next five-year stage of their journey by driving growth through a content and technical SEO strategy.


The law of wow

A big reason for Clarion’s amazing success and growth in recent years is the way it stands out from the crowd as a refreshingly different kind of law firm, challenging sector norms and employing a great bunch of talented people. Its strapline claims it is ‘never ordinary’, and that is so true… the brand shines like a beacon of brilliance in a world of navy pinstripes. Our task was to make sure the website did the same. The striking design cuts through traditional law firm aesthetics, positioning Clarion as a confident, leading firm in a way that appeals to their core audiences.

Lay down the content law

Meanwhile, we overhauled the site’s content strategy so that the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time. This included taking a human-first approach to search and navigation in order to solve visitors’ business queries rather than legal questions. Plus, we applied a ‘show and tell’ methodology that included case studies and success stories, and put more emphasis on blog posts and events.

Breaking news…

And there’s more. Thanks to a new Content Management system, now it’s easy for the team at Clarion to build hub pages. So, whenever there’s a hot topic, all the pertinent blog posts, case studies, and staff bios from the website can be displayed on the hubs to create a rich source of information on that issue. So, in just a few quick clicks, they can make highly relevant, beautifully designed landing pages.

“During my 12 years at Clarion, I have worked with Engage on two website build projects. It is always a great pleasure to work with the team as they know and understand our business.”

Jenny Rennocks – Head of Marketing


Lawfully good SEO

We also established an ongoing collaborative approach to SEO strategy that will see us become even closer over the next few years. In our quarterly planning workshops, we’ll be working together to create relevant content geared towards growth.

“The site reflects what we wanted the brand to convey and provides functionality that will make it as easy as possible for visitors to get to the right information.”

Jenny Rennocks – Head of Marketing