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A star(t up) is born

When you reflect back on your achievements during the great lockdown of 2020/21 you’ll probably tick off goals such as:

  1. ✅ Exercise more
  2. ✅ Learn a language
  3. ✅ Become a jigsaw puzzle master

For the founding duo at VFC, that list looks something like:

  1. ✅ Create the world's tastiest vegan fried chick*n
  2. ✅ Develop a brand from scratch
  3. ✅ Rapidly scale up production to a commercial scale
  4. ✅ Launch a new website and marketing strategy
  5. ✅ Sell a sh*t load of product
  6. ✅ Save thousands of chicken’s lives

Phew! Not bad for a lockdown’s work?!


Two men on a mission

Launched in December 2020, VFC is the brainchild of two friends on a mission to disrupt the system. After roping in the help of our favourite brand consultancy Born Ugly, they challenged us to create a bold new site that would not only help deliver delicious Vegan Fried Chick*n direct to the mouths of hungry customers, but also communicate their mission; an act of positive rebellion against a system that has brought us climate change, environmental destruction, factory farming and slaughterhouses. The rest, as they say, is history.


What’s cooking

As a startup looking to leave a lasting impression they needed to make a big impact, and fast, so nailing their digital presence was crucial for a successful, risk free launch. Founded by Matthew Glover, the founder of Veganuary, and restaurateur Adam Lyons, VFC has a great story to tell so it was important that the site didn’t feel like ‘just another online shop’, and engaged customers in their story to help drive brand recall and loyalty.

So we put our heads together and came up with a strategy that would not only deliver a blazing fast, EGG-cellent website (sorry!) but great results too.

Product Site Grabs 2

The site is powered by Shopify’s e-commerce engine, using their API to deliver a bespoke front-end which allowed us to go to town on their eye-catching and bold design. Using Shopify also enabled us to utilise its array of features and benefits, including discount vouchers, whilst also integrating with DPD for the all important fulfilment. One of our favourite parts of the project were the product pages which combine custom designs with an integration to Shopify’s basket solution. This gave us the opportunity to focus on the optimisation of the templates for the best conversion.

Naturally VFC’s edgier side also needed exploring and we developed animation and interactive elements to do just that. This includes the now infamous ‘Chickens saved’ counter on the homepage and the chicken’s feet that animate as the user scrolls the homepage.

Vfc Ig Grid

Engage delivers great quality work - as you’d expect from a top notch agency. What sets them apart from their peers however is the level of service. The team is exceptionally professional whilst being a joy to work with.

Stewart McGuckin, Sales Director

Launch month results

  • 2,121 orders
  • £52k worth of product shipped
  • 178 promo code redemptions
Mission Site Grabs

We also can’t forget the 2,447 chickens (and counting) that were saved in the first month of launch - we can barely compre-HEN-d it!

Chickens Saved

“Engaging, dedicated and pragmatic - a very welcome change to the normal approach of agencies.”

Stewart McGuckin, Sales Director

If you’re like VFC and looking to launch your brand with a bang, but can’t afford any slip ups, you need an expert digital partner by your side. So drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you!