Cutting through Christmas competition for Ryobi

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The brief

For their 2020 festive campaign, Ryobi came to us to promote their simple ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ game mechanic with tempting prizes for both instant wins and a big prize draw. With a primary goal to hit their yearly traffic targets, we also had some secondary objectives to drive user engagement via game plays and email sign ups.

With brands jostling for attention in a crowded Christmas marketplace, we launched a multi-channel paid advertising campaign across their key territories to put them at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

A global delivery

Ryobi operate in a number of territories, so this was a multinational campaign with individual targets for each country. This always adds extra layers of complexity to the campaign planning, due to handling multiple translations and specific market trends, but this year held an additional challenge…

With Covid-19 driving unpredictable developments in lockdowns and online behaviour that differed from country to country, we had to be quick in spotting and reacting to changes as they happened, as well as battling a competitive Christmas market.

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Cracking the competition

Running a multinational campaign during the Christmas period is challenging as it is, with seasonal increases in online ad spend requiring more attention and optimisations than usual to stay in front.

In 2020, this was also paired with the market shifts created by the lockdown restrictions, with many companies shifting offline spend to online and creating more intense competition for ad placements.

With a granular campaign setup, frequent optimisations and leveraging smart bidding for a responsive display ad setup, we hit our traffic targets ahead of schedule.

Pivoting priorities

With our main objective met, and still campaign runtime and budget left, we made the decision to pivot our campaigns to pursue the secondary objective of email sign ups. By targeting a few select audiences who were primed for signing up, we gained a significant number of new subscribers for Ryobi and finished the campaign with an average cost per email sign up of just €0.25.

Let’s talk results

  • 9.8m impressions
  • 196k ad clicks
  • 79k sign ups

Despite numerous challenges, we surpassed both total traffic and sign up targets using less than 50% of the media budget. The targets were surpassed at each individual country’s level too, leaving none behind.

Smashing industry benchmarks

  • 320% above average CTR
  • 93% below average CPC
  • 63% above average sign up rate

Not only did we deliver amazing results for the client, we also hit several industry beating metrics. You could say we were the sharpest tool in the shed…

“Exceeding every target across Europe within the competitive festive season is fantastic. Thanks to Engage for delivering outstanding campaign results”

Rachel Morton, Digital Marketing Executive