A day in the life of an intern

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For today's post we're going to hand the blog reigns over to Heather who's been working with us over the last 3 months as part of her placement year on the Multimedia course at Leeds Beckett University. As her time at Engage draws to an end (cue violins) we asked Heather to write a few words about her time here and the kind of stuff we got her involved in during a normal working day, as it's certainly not just been making the brews and buying stripy paint.

Over to you Heather!

Hello, Heather here!

First, let me introduce myself! I’ve lived in Leeds for 3 years, leaving behind my hometown of Peterborough for the big bright lights of the city. I’m currently in between my 2nd & 3rd year studying Creative Media Technology at Leeds Beckett University - a course which so far has led me to lots of new experiences both in and out of the degree.. one of these being the interview that led me to Engage.

I’ve been working at Engage for 3 months now during which time I’ve had the chance to work on all sorts of projects and briefs from creating social content and scamps for presentations right through to reporting & market research.

Anyway, in my first (and last!) blog post here’s my take on an average Monday at Engage through the medium of photo (in a blatant attempt to avoid writing too much!)


I get to the office bright and early (most days at least!) Some say peoples' desks resemble themselves… mine on the other hand reflects that today I'm ill and having porridge for breakfast - not the best start to the working week!


The most important duty of the day: checking Engage's bespoke scheduling system for what I'll be working on that week. It also holds their staff handbook which was really useful in getting to know the company and its culture in my first few days.


The crucial start to every week: our production meeting. It's a great way to find out what everyone did with their weekends and also go through all events for the upcoming week.


Next, I’m putting my marketing head on and taking a look at how our social content has performed over the weekend. We then take all the data and create various client reports showing how much love they're getting! :D

Meanwhile... in the background there's healthy amount of Slack banter - as always.


Lunch included an adventure to the train station to get a £1 meal deal - yes, I’m still a student.


Following a photoshoot we did last Friday for Bubbleology (you should try it!) I’ve been working with the results to create some awesome brand content.


Late-afternoon is filled up by an ideas meeting for this lovely lady! Say Hello to Rosemary...

...and then home to dream of lunges and lycra!


My 3 months here has consisted of a total of 456 hours 'work', made up of a mix of intern-like tasks (aka birthday cake getting along with some serious prop searching), 2 photoshoots, software tutorials from one of the Senior Designers, sitting in on meetings & brainstorms, internal projects and development, lots & lots of social content, many reports, some classy & not so classy work socials and just working on some really engaging things (ha), which were all pretty awesome!

So, to summarise my 3 months I'd say it’s been great.

Like really really great!