Unveiling the future: Reflections from Craft Conference Barcelona

Roughly a 2 minute read by Adam

Dot All

We recently had the opportunity to attend the Craft Conference in Barcelona. Amidst the casual tapas evenings, we had the chance to meet some great people and attend some insightful and engaging talks around the future of Craft CMS. This post is a quick recap of what we learned and some of the more the significant announcements made during the event.

Craft v5 Announcement

The release of Craft v5 was a notable part of the conference, carrying forward the entrification strategy that was embarked upon in v4. The trend of releasing major versions annually demonstrates a steady commitment to progressing the platform.

Transition to Laravel

The news that Craft will be transitioning to Laravel was well-received, especially since we already use Laravel in our stack. This move is something we look forward to as it aligns well with our current setup.

Official Stripe Plugin on the Horizon

The announcement of an official Stripe plugin is a step forward in selling products through Craft, without the overheard of Commerce. The promise of automatic updates and robust maintenance makes this development a welcome addition to our e-commerce approach options.

Craft Cloud - A New Dawn

The introduction of Craft Cloud was interesting, with its developer-focused approach. Although it’s not a feature we plan on utilising, it will be noteworthy to see how the wider community adopts and interacts with it.

Delving into Author and Developer Experience

The sessions on improving author and developer experiences provided useful suggestions, particularly around making the most out of field types. The enhancements in v5 in this domain were noteworthy. A key takeaway was the potential of utilising the Craft control panel for self-service, offering a solid alternative to building a custom UI.

In conclusion, the Craft Conference in Barcelona was a great mix of learning and networking. The announcements made reflect a thoughtful approach to the evolving needs of developers and e-commerce platforms. The transition to Laravel and the other features discussed are steps we are keen to explore as they unfold in the coming months.