Cyber Essentials? We’re certified.

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There’s undoubtedly lots of fun to be had working in digital, but one responsibility we take very seriously is our continued commitment to digital security. And that’s why we’re proud to announce that Engage has now achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

A government-backed scheme from the National Cyber Security Centre (…a subsidiary of GCHQ, don’t you know). Cyber Essentials ensures businesses like ours have the right controls in place to mitigate a whole range of cyberattacks.

We’ve opted for the Plus variation of the certification which demands an extra level of rigor as it includes the addition of a practical hands-on technical verification. We were independently assessed by the cyber security firm ECSC to ensure that all of the controls we have in place work as described and intended.

Not only does this qualification ensure that our methods are robust enough against possible cyber attacks, but also gives reassurance to our team and clients (old and new) that we are committed to the safety and security of their data.

Click here to view our certificate.

If you’re concerned about your current online security, the ability to withstand cyberattacks, and the impact that could have on your business then why not get in touch and see how we can help.