Let’s BeReal. A new social media app?

Roughly a 2 minute read by Emily Lunness

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From the shadows, comes a social media app for people who hate social media. Yes, you read that right. Introducing Be Real.

An “emerging” (and we use that term lightly for anyone that remembers Vine, Clubhouse or Periscope) social media app aims to encourage users to be more authentic online.

At a different time every day, all users receive a notification with a prompt: “time to BeReal”. You then have two minutes to snap a picture of what you’re doing and share it. And it takes a photo with your front and back camera simultaneously. You can retake or post late - but everyone can see how many retakes you did and how long it took.

And gone are likes and reactions. Instead, users can upload a photoreaction of how your post made them feel.

It seems a positive move to encourage more “in the moment” social media activity and authentic online interactions. But is this the solution to social media’s flaws in 2022? Or does it just provide another platform to scroll through in the evening?

Not only does the app interrupt people’s days to get them to post, but it also adds stress with a short time frame to capture a moment and allows for criticism and judgement if they take “too many” retakes. It kinda sounds like every other social media app if you ask us.

Isn’t the best way to “BeReal” and enjoy life and friendships to not overly rely on social media or allow it to interrupt your day?

Food for thought. And something to watch out for.

Will you be downloading it?

Now back to social media planning…