Perfect presentation

Roughly a 2 minute read by Carrie Barrett

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At Engage, we’ve been offering presentation training to our team for anyone that wants to improve their public speaking skills, hone their presentation technique or boost their confidence.

To put their newfound skills to the test we spoke to Carrie Barrett, our resident social media executive and meme queen extraordinaire on her top tips for nailing the perfect presentation.

1. Don’t be afraid to use your voice! Ensure it’s projected to reach all the corners of the room you’re in - you may feel like you are shouting, but it won’t seem that way to your, now, captivated audience.

2. Be yourself! Let your personality shine through when presenting, it will be more engaging and relatable to your audience. Whether it’s some umms or hand gestures (or even a dad joke at times) it all makes it sound like you!

3. Use light and shade in your voice when presenting, it’s more interesting than being monotone. It can even help to make points more memorable and keep the pace.

4. You may feel very nervous and worry that this is obvious to your audience, but it is not! They tend to not know the difference between regular you and nervous you, so don’t think too much about it (that won’t help with the nerves!)

5. Before presenting, feel the space! (Not literally - unless that helps! But get a vibe and an understanding of the layout you’ll be speaking in). Don’t forget to use the whole space available to you.

And a bonus top tip to finish things off, when creating a presentation is to start or end with questions - this can help you use the presentation time wisely and gain an extra connection with your audience. This also tends to be less formal so is a nice way to warm up or finish a presentation!

Have you tried any of these techniques yourself?