Teaming up with THIS Institute to help the NHS

Roughly a 2 minute read by Alex Sim


We’ve recently been appointed by The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute to work on a project to improve the quality and safety of healthcare in the NHS.

THIS is a University of Cambridge-based research organisation - funded by the Health Foundation - that has developed an online platform to hear from patients, NHS staff and the public to improve the NHS’ healthcare provision.

Our role will be to work across user experience on the Thiscovery system, further engaging users and encouraging them to share information and opinions.

It will also facilitate a workshop to gather requirements and define a solution, and develop a prototype for user testing.

We’ve always sought to collaborate and work on projects which have a clear purpose, so are very much looking forward to playing a part in digitally improving healthcare delivery within the NHS - as well as exploring unique and innovative solutions as part of the process!

“We’re excited to see Engage’s contributions to Thiscovery and the positive impact it has on healthcare delivery in the UK.”

Ruth Kern - Strategic Development and Enterprise Lead, THIS Institute