The 21 Day Challenge

Roughly a 2 minute read by Amy Richards

This month, we’ve been undertaking our first 21 day challenge here at Engage HQ.

From yoga and planking to cutting down on caffeine and sugar, right through to reading more and taking more photos, everyone at Team Engage has picked their own personal goal to commit to for 21 days 💪

We’re over halfway through now, and whilst a few have stumbled along the way (it was a little unfair on those who are avoiding unhealthy snacks to arrange a beach-themed buffet for the first week of the challenge…), we’re a committed bunch overall.

The aim of the challenge is to build resilience and boost our wellbeing. Who knows, maybe some of the challenges will become habits for life!

There’s just a week left, so check back soon to see how we all got on and what we learnt from the #engage21daychallenge.