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Leodensians are rightly proud of their city, Leeds has some fantastic architecture ranging from the classical Town Hall to the ultra-modern Bridgewater Place which dominates the Leeds and Yorkshire skyline. Then comes the attractions, shopping and entertainment venues which draw millions to the city every year.

We got to wondering which of these Leeds locations has been captured the most and sent into the digital sphere. So we made an exhaustive list of Leeds best-loved spots and turned to everyone's favourite photo app, Instagram to try and get some answers. The results surprised us all...

1. Tropical World - 9844 tags (photo credit @_a.bano)

Taking the top spot was Tropical World in Roundhay Park, perhaps due to the amount of adorable photo opportunities once you’re inside. Who doesn’t see a Meerkat and want to capture the moment? Be honest.

2. Roundhay Park- 9840 tags (photo credit @ginac12)

Roundhay Park is one of the largest parks in Europe making it a very photogenic location, it’s also the venue for a large amount of events which draw a high footfall of punters ready to take some snaps!

3. Elland Road - 7785 tags (photo credit @colindarbyshir3)

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds! They may not quite be the force they once were but the Whites still manage to draw over 20,000+ every home game and clearly home and away fans like what they see when they get to the famous Elland Road.

4. Leeds Arena - 7591 tags (photo credit @lilychina_photo)

Considering this venue is still in its infancy, it has done extremely well to make the top 5 of this list. The building is visually striking in the day and has programmable lights to show itself off at night. Add that to the impressive array of talent to already grace its stage and you’re on to an Instagram winner!

5. Leeds Trinity - 6606 tags (photo credit @Laura_starkey)

Another relative newbie to Leeds, Trinity Shopping centre has propelled Leeds into a UK shopping destination heavyweight. Rivaling London, Birmingham and Manchester. Its stunning glass roof is worth taking some time to appreciate.


A note on method: Each location was only allowed the total sum of the main #tag we could associate with it. Some locations like Hyde Park were only allowed #HydeParkLeeds to avoid the data being skewed by London’s Hyde Park. All stats were as of May 2015 and taken from