Oxygen Performance Marketing is the rocket fuel for your business growth so you can go further, faster.

It’s different because it starts at the end.

Oxygen is goal-led rather than budget-led, which means we focus firmly on where you want to be and then work the plan backwards to develop a strategy and budget to get you there.

Want to double online revenue? Launch a killer product in a crowded market? Just plain outrank your competitors? We’ve been there, done that, and have the stories to tell.

Our research and data-led process leaves guesswork and assumptions at the door, delivering you a plan that’s actionable, achievable and commercially sound.

So let’s start... at the end. Where do you want to be?

In a rush? Download our Oxygen credentials deck for case studies and more.

How Oxygen takes you further, faster.

With every agency talking about ROI and KPIs, sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Working out who’s nothing but buzzwords and who can actually execute a performance marketing strategy that makes you extraordinary online is no easy task.

We measure what matters

Rather than offering vague KPIs that don’t drive change, our plans focus on delivering results that transform your business. By obsessing over what really matters and focusing our efforts on measuring and improving those metrics, we drive more revenue and directly impact your bottom line.

We’re led by the data

Our research-first approach pinpoints areas of opportunity and prioritises them. By basing our thinking and recommendations on research and data, we avoid assumptions, reduce waste, and make budgets last longer and work harder.

We don’t have a B-team

Everyone in our performance team is enrolled in the accredited Digital IQ learning and development programme. That means when you work with us you can be confident that you’ll always have the A-Team on your account and by your side... but we ain't gettin' in no plane, fool!

Research shows that up to 40% of all media spend and approximately 20-50% of social media spend is wasted though human error caused by low competence. So, it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see why it pays to have highly trained experts on your side.

We’re full service performance

Our secret sauce is that we’re not just a performance marketing agency. We have the in-house capabilities to deliver world-class planning, strategy, design, build and delivery too. This enables us to weave the thread of performance through your whole digital strategy.

It’s an approach that’s proven to deliver exceptional results. In fact, we’ve wrapped all this expertise and skill up into our Built to Perform solution.

We thrive on openness and honesty

We build trust through honesty. That means no hiding behind locked accounts, or cherry picking information to show in your reports. We all benefit and get the best results when we work together to drive results.

That’s why, unlike many agencies, we don’t claim ownership of your advertising accounts—that means you have full 24/7 access and can see all your data in real time, any time.

And, if you move on from Engage, we hand over all your data too, no questions asked.

We give you direct access to the experts

Our experts work alongside our client strategy teams, not behind them. So you always have direct access to the right person when you need them. This approach to stronger, more agile relationships has been part of our DNA since we were first founded in 2007.

We move fast and focus on your bottom line

We like to work in sprints when implementing our strategies. We do this by focusing on the areas of biggest opportunity and then work quickly to improve them.

We’re automated, with a human touch

Performance marketing, specifically PPC, has seen huge changes over the last few years with the rise of AI-assisted campaign optimisation.

We’ve been at the forefront of embracing these changes, but we also recognise their limitations. This is why we only lean on automation to do the heavy lifting of day-to-day and smaller optimisations.

This frees up our time to deliver value in areas where automation falls short: campaign and channel strategy; running tests and experiments; and working across the agency to feed in the relevant expertise to help drive the long-term growth of your business.

Attention to digital™

If you were to cut us in half* you’d see the words Attention to Digital™ running through Engage like in a stick of rock. That’s because these three simple words stand for everything we’re about.

Attention to Digital™ is our philosophy and our promise. Because of our passion for it, we push harder and go further to ensure that every single piece of work stands up to the highest possible standards. It’s weaved into our DNA and guides everything from planning and strategy to design, build and beyond.

So think of Attention to Digital™ as your guarantee of excellence, the Engage seal of approval, and our pledge to make the internet a better place, all rolled into one.

* We don’t actually recommend this!